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An iconic, flexible and extremely sustainable space designed for your business: The Medelan is the epitome of Milanese splendour that will satisfy the most sophisticated contemporary needs.

The building reflects Italian style at its most authentic, where heritage meets contemporary design, and beauty meets elegance.

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The project

The Place to Be.

An all-new and exclusive property is taking shape in the city’s trendiest area. The building boasts office and retail spaces as well as unique terraces with incredible views and two ground-breaking areas dedicated to the finest cuisine and cocktail culture.

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Your offices in Milan’s most coveted business district

Your spaces, your values: explore the possibilities that The Medelan will offer to develop customised work spaces that will reflect your principles, and the soul of your business.

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Try a bespoke Milano Shopping Experience.

The location’s prestige and the building’s luxury: let these values reflect your business, choose The Medelan and create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. in one of the world’s fashion capital.


Enjoy a luxury experience, daily.

Ample space is dedicated to high end cuisine at all times, ideal for building your network and celebrating the city’s fine dining excellence.


Explore Piazza Cordusio and its unrivalled charm.

Milan’s magnetic allure is strong in Piazza Cordusio, where the buildings carve out an oval curtain defining such a unique public space, long associated with prestige and power.

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